What Is Vector450

What Is Vector450 2018-10-04T16:26:23-04:00


Vector450 repairs the damage from overexertion by supporting the immune system and helping remove stress out of the body. Athletes are able to improve recovery times and gain adaptive performance benefits from their body’s own naturally occurring energy. With improved immune function, they can also maintain longer workouts and maintain overall health from competing, traveling, diet, stress and workloads.

Maintaining optimum immune health is becoming a top priority for athletes at all levels especially when competing in today’s high intensity ultra-type events such as marathons, triathlons and other sports requiring prolonged exertion. Studies have shown that high intensity training can suppress normal immune function over a period of time anywhere from a few hours to several days.(1)

Vector450 contains Muno-IgY, an egg yolk-based IgY protein which has been closely studied and documented for maintaining a strong immune system. Having an optimal immune system can lead to improved stamina along with increased anaerobic power and decreased submaximal heart rate, shorter exercise recovery times and faster muscle repair while supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance.

Vector450 with Muno IgY™ contains the highest purity of IgY available to consumers today. It is generally 10X more pure than other IgY-based products.