Interview: Karl Nygren, CXC Elite Team

Interview: Karl Nygren, CXC Elite Team

Interview with Karl Nygren, CXC Elite Team

‘I am not big into supplements but I have really liked how I have felt training the past few weeks taking Vector450. Vector450 contains Muno-IgY, an egg yolk-based IgY protein which has been closely studied and documented for maintaining a strong immune system. Having an optimal immune system can lead to improved stamina along with increased anaerobic power and decreased submaximal heart rate, shorter exercise recovery times and faster muscle repair while supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance.’

What got you into XC ski racing?

I’m from Minnesota and skiing is very popular here.  I skied all through high school. After high school I pursued it more seriously when I went to the University of Colorado in Boulder.  While on their XC race team I earned a Bachelor’s degree majoring in math and minoring in chemistry.  However I decided to first pursue skiing even further and joined Central Cross Country (CXC) Skiing Association racing team.  I have been racing with CXC ever since. This year looks to be one of my best.

What does the future hold for a bright guy like you after ski racing?

When my ski racing career is over I’m considering med school or grad school in engineering.

What does typical training look like for you?

Right now, training is my main focus – 6 days a week.  I break up training activities, for example, I did a 3.5 hour run this morning. I also do a lot of intervals.  Today for example I went hard for thirteen minutes and then rested for three and did that four times.  Different length intervals make up the large majority of training. Shorter ones are faster and longer ones a little bit slower.  As the year progresses I go to shorter and faster intervals.

What made training at Canmore different than what you did at the Soldier Hollow training camp in Park City Utah the week before?  (Canmore is a high altitude ski resort just west of Calgary and for a week in October top racers came the US and Canada to put the final touches on their training before the season begins).

They both were great, Utah was getting used to the higher attitude and we did lots of hikes and long roller skiing session up the mountain roads near Snowbird. In Canmore I did an intensity block which is really tough.  I do a lot of back to back shorter faster intervals at a higher altitude.  Plus Canmore does a really cool thing, they haul out real snow which they have stored through the summer and lay it down into a 2 KM track…we call it ‘Frozen Thunder’.

Recovery – how do you quantify and measure it?

Recovery is something I find really hard to quantify and measure.  I really can’t quantify it beyond the fact that training has been really good this fall.  With the Canmore “type” of training I can typically expect to feel fatigue and worn out but I felt good and training went really well.  I was excited for that.  I have been on Vector450 since September 15th and it seems to make a big difference in my recovery.  I’m in the best shape I’ve been and feel really excited for the winter and winning some races.

Illnesses, we all hate getting sick but how is it a factor from your perspective?

So far I haven’t had an illness and therefor it hasn’t been a factor this year and that’s been nice.  Knowing that it is antibodies binding to germs makes me think Vector450 has taken away the anxiety of getting sick. I think that even by taking away the anxiety of getting sick you decrease your chances of catching something – you can work yourself into frenzy and make yourself sick by worrying about getting ill.

Have you raced yet this year since you started taking Vector450?

I haven’t had any races since I’ve started taking Vector450.  The first on snow race will be this Thanksgiving at Yellowstone Montana and I’m really excited and looking forward to it as my form and performance has been coming along well. I am thrilled with my energy levels and ability to push day-in-day out.  I am doing negative splits on daily workouts and comprehensive negative splits on the training period.  Pushing the pace and building the race form is feeling great!

How much do you take?

I usually take two every day and take an additional capsule after a really hard work out.

What is your nutrition like and do you take any other supplements?

My nutrition has been the same as last year. I focus on eating high quality food – lots of colors and fresh produce.  I don’t really pay attention to percentages of carbohydrates and fats that I take in.  I take what appeals to me and looks right. As for supplements, I don’t take anything else other than an iron supplement. I feel I get plenty of vitamins and minerals through my diet.

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