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Our IgY is extracted from commercial eggs. Although it contains no trace of egg whites, those who are allergic to eggs should proceed with caution. There are no reported effects or allergic reactions to date.
There is no need to go beyond the recommended daily intake.
Preparing for competition puts your body into a high stress situation. This is the best time to start taking Vector450 with Muno IgY™ in order to reduce the stress you have placed on your body with over-training. Vector450 with Muno IgY™ has not been demonstrated to interfere with other supplements on the market.
Vector450 with IgY should be taken on a daily basis. However, don’t worry if you miss a day.
Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is extracted and purified IgY and contains no sugar, gluten, whey or other milk products.
Egg powder products are essentially dried whole egg. Along with low purity IgY they also have high levels of fat, odor, taste and other impurities. These products also require you to consume large quantities to achieve meaningful benefits. Vector450 with Muno IgY™ contains the highest purity of IgY available to consumers today. It is generally 10X more pure than other IgY-based products. Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is shelf stable for up to two years, while powdered egg products must be refrigerated after opening and consumed in a short period of time.
You could, but you would have to consume 3-5 of them per day uncooked. If you cook eggs above 80 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Degrees Celsius) the IgY will be denatured and you will not get the benefits. You will also have the fat and cholesterol associated with the egg. We do not recommend the use of raw eggs as they have additional risks associated with contracting a salmonella infection.
Some users report seeing results within 1 to 2 weeks of starting and for others much sooner. Each individual is different and results may be dependent on the state of their immune system. In order to get the most from the product Vector450 with Muno IgY™ on a consistent basis, adjusting your intake according to your exercise regime. Keep in mind, Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is designed to be part of your daily routine, not a three day fix.
Vector450 with Muno IgY™ has not been known to interfere with other supplements.