Dr Sheri Hunt on Vector450 & Endurance Sailboat Racing

Dr Sheri Hunt on Vector450 & Endurance Sailboat Racing

Endurance sailboat racing is a team sport that requires the crew to show up rested and healthy for a race. You need each other to be on their A game as you handle a 10 ton, million dollar machine through the coarse,  and not make critical mistakes that can cost you more than just a hull.

Over the years, as a both an athlete (US Women’s World Cup Rugby Teams) and a scientist who is focused on new technology in the health supplement world, I am constantly looking for the safest and most natural way to help me and my crew maintain our own endurance, health and focus, and ultimately our immune system.  I have tried many products, with some limited success, but when I was introduced to Vector450, I was very intrigued.  Vector450 looked to solve some of our pre-race and event health issues that most sailors encounter. As a world cup athlete I also needed to be sure of the safety and the feasibility to use this supplement which is demonstrated by meeting WADA for sports standards.

My first test of Vector450 came on the Newport to Ensenada race this year which is considered to be one of the most prestigious international races in the world. This is an event whereby the whole crew is required to stay awake for the entire 24 hour race and this is not to be taken lightly, as this event has seen a sailor’s fatigue send a boat onto the rocks with loss of life.  The fatigue is evident even when under the stress of no wind at the finish as we saw this year with it taking as long as 4 hours to sail the last 2 miles; when crew mates were performing at less than par; and losing a spinnaker, which got torn unnecessarily.   These careless mistakes add up, and may especially occur when your body can’t handle the stress. I had taken 2 – 25 mg capsules of Vector450 before and during the event, and found myself alert, energized and able to stay awake for the whole race, and walk off the boat feeling in control.  Post race, I was one of a handful who stayed healthy while many of my counterparts came down with cold symptoms.  I have not stopped taking this product and have been free of all seasonal issues.  The big test came as we worked like fiends as we prepared for, and completed our most important event of the year, the TRANSPAC2013, from Long Beach to Honolulu.  This was an 8-15 day endurance race pitting the best of the best in the world in a downwind drag race that can be a shining success for the crew that starts fast, races clean and finishes strong at the buoy off Diamond Head. We’re happy to say that we completed the race 4th overall and 2nd in fleet in a field of 59 boats.

My job on the boat was navigator which required keen focus and mental clarity to help guide the boat to the slot we raced in for 12 days.  This can be the deciding factor for success. I was also on point for finding the right nutrition and supplement’s that can keep us healthy, alert and alive. On Sleeper (as well as many other boats like Grand Illusion, Winner 2011), over caffeinated, sugary filled drinks are banned, as the schedule does not allow for a cycle these products give your body (buzzy, unfocused, unsafe senses). Because of my current use and results of taking Vector450, I decided to make this product an integral part of our teams daily diet. Our dosing was up to 4 per day, allowing us to maintain our immune system and reduce our fatigue during our daily schedule of 3 hours on deck, 4 off.  Vector450 protected us pre-race (we started dosing as a team on June 20th) as well as post race, when our adrenalin was reduced and when most athlete’s succumb to pathogens.  I am now the delivery skipper currently taking the boat back to LA where once again, I cannot afford to get sick.  That is the next chapter.

Daily stresses shouldn’t keep you from doing what you want: Vector 450 daily.  Be prepared to play.

Dr. Sheri Hunt, PHD /Nutralite

Team Sleeper  Navigator/Nutritionalist

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