Birkie Classic Women’s Champion Natalja Naryshkina on the immune health benefits of Vector450 ‘Egg Pills’

Birkie Classic Women’s Champion Natalja Naryshkina on the immune health benefits of Vector450 ‘Egg Pills’

Cross Country Skier, Natalja Naryshkina,  took first place for the Women’s Classic at the American Birkebeiner Cross Country Skiing Competition in Hayward, Wisconsin. The 29 year cross country skier came in at 3:26:00.6 well ahead of the pack by 1:48.8.

Natalja Naryshkina


We introduced Natalja to Vector450 through Central Cross Country Association (“CXC Skiing”) in late 2013 and has since become an avid user recognizing its post exercise and post competition recovery benefits.

We’re extremely proud of Natalja’s achievement at this year’s Birkie. The 29-year-old Russian born Naryshkina, who trains out of Verona, Wisconsin persevered in the frigid conditions along with the thousands of other cross-country skiers and elite athletes who came from 21 countries and 48 states to take part in the one of the oldest ski marathons in North America, to cross the finish line on Main Street in Hayward, Wisconsin in top form.

When we asked how Vector450 has helped, Natalja stated, “When doing the marathon, my legs is good.  After marathon my legs feel good. Not so much different when doing sprints.  And I not sick!”

Natalja is no stranger to the podium. Through her drive and competitive spirit, she has won the U.S. Nationals Classic Sprint, Mora Vasaloppet 58km Skate and City of Lakes Loppet Overall.


IGY Life Sciences CEO, Terry Dyck with Natalja (skis) and Bill Pierce (Blue)

Bill Pierce, coach of the CXC Elite Team, was also the Birkie told us about the experience of other CXC skiers as well his own with Vector450, “During our high season of travel and transition, the athletes on the team that were taking Vector450 did not get sick.  As well, midseason at US Nationals there was a fair amount of flu illness among the competitors.  I did have a short (12 hours) of flu symptoms during that competition.  Four hours into the symptoms I took one capsule under the tongue with water.  About an hour later, my nauseousness and other symptoms started to relieve.  Six hours after taking the capsule and combined with rest, I was back to feeling normal. Vector450 combined with other good recovery practices has helped to reduce the illness occurrences on our team.”

Since we launched in early 2013, Vector450 has been capturing attention and momentum with athletes from all disciplines. It is resonating most strongly with multi-sport athletes, cyclists, marathon and ultra-distance runners who most often not only feel the negative immune effects of high intensity training and competition, but also from exposure to new pathogens through travel, lack of proper sleep, weight loss, mental stress, inadequate nutrition or adoption of unusual diets. The consequences are all too well known by athletes — missed workouts or competitions, and a general decrease in performance. With Vector450 as part of their daily routine to alleviate the pressure on their immune systems, they find they are training better and competing at their optimal level.


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