Augusto Perez: After three battles with cancer and two olympic medals, a true champion takes on his third Paralympic Games.

Augusto Perez: After three battles with cancer and two olympic medals, a true champion takes on his third Paralympic Games.

“Life gives us adversity and obstacles. The size of our problems is nothing compared with our ability to solve them.”

When you speak with Augusto “Goose” Perez you get a sense that this quote was written with him in mind. We heard about Goose through CXC Skiing and since that time with his sheer positivity amidst all the negative, holds a special place with us. His life so far has been anything a cakewalk, battling cancer on and off since 2000, subsequently losing his leg through amputation in 2003 in order to save his life, and fighting through it’s fourth appearance in 2012 . Through all this, the 41 year old father of twins will make his third appearance in Sochi Paralympic games representing Team USA.

They call him Cancer Warrior and with good reason. He epitomizes resiliency and it’s well reflected not only in his fighting spirit to survive but also in his desire to compete and he does it all for his family.  According to a excellent article on the Team USA website, “The word “quitter” is not in Perez’s vocabulary; however, the word “fighter” certainly is” . His accomplishments can certainly vouch for that statement:

From 2006 to 2010 Wheelchair Curling

2006, 2010 Paralympic Winter Games Team Member

2008 USA Curling Male Athlete of the Year

2008 Wheelchair Curling World Championship Bronze Medal

Adaptive Outrigger Canoe:

2009 Adaptive Outrigger Canoe World Championship Gold Medal – OC 2 200 Meter Sprint

2008 Adaptive Outrigger Canoe World Championship Gold Medalist – OC 1 500 Meter Sprint

2008 Adaptive Outrigger Canoe World Championship Silver Medalist – OC 12 500 Meter Sprint

Goose was a tough guy to convince on the merits of Vector450. One of our team members David Fyhrie, who himself an avid cross country skier introduced Goose to Vector450 in Fall 2013. At first, he agreed to use it and then upon short reflection, changed his mind and graciously declined. His belief was simply this, “On the weekends, I like to have our twins ride and train with us. I keep a very balanced diet and only take vitamins. I do not take  anything that promises a quick build-up of muscle, explosive recovery, etc., as those scare the hell out of me – not just because of possible doping violations, but because they are bad for my overall health and heart.”

Goose had other concerns about using Vector450. That same day he asked what else was in the product besides egg yolk. He had an issue with cholesterol while on chemo and whether it would make it higher. His comfort with Vector450 increased when he learned that the product did not contain egg yolk nor cholesterol, only purified IgY protein from the egg yolk along with a small amount of naturally occurring ovotransferrin which helped to stabilize the IgY. Even with that knowledge in hand, Goose remained unconvinced, unmoved and steadfast against using it.

A turning point happened In late November 2014 at West Yellowstone Montana where Goose and the CXC elite racing team were racing. Goose was sick from a cold and as such was isolated from the other team members others. The others were not sick and credited Vector450 for their good health despite the rigorous training and racing. David found out about Goose’s illness and called him. They discussed his frustration after which Goose agreed to take start taking it prior to the IPC races and US Paralympic team trials.

Well the rest is history. Goose recently posted on our Facebook page “I want to send a special thanks to Vector450 for its product. It helped me pushed thru training and recovery during this tough winter.”

To learn more about Augusto “Goose” Perez there are a couple of excellent articles, one being an interview on the Team USA website, the second one written by Goose himself at

You can follow the Paralympic Games from March 6-15. For more information about the sports, athletes  and schedules, visit or

You can also support Perez and his fight against cancer by visiting his page at:

We all wish Goose the best of luck at the Paralympics. We’ll be watching and cheering you on.


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