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Vector450 Cross Country Skier, Caitlin Gregg takes the podium at Falun, Sweden World Cup Championships.

By – On March 03, 2015 –
Vector450 Cross Country Skier, Caitlin Gregg takes the podium at Falun, Sweden World Cup Championships.

We are pleased to announce that Vector450 sponsored cross country skier Caitlin Gregg and US Ski Team member Jessica Diggins both stunned the world and made history by winning bronze and silver respectively in the Nordic ski 10K skate World Championships in Falun, Sweden. This is the first time American female Cross Country ski racers have made the podium for a middle distance race at the Nordic World Championships.

As a former CXC (Central Cross Country Ski Association out of Madison Wisconsin) Team member from 2007 to 2013, Caitlin was also on the US Ski Team for the World Championship in 2007 in Sapporo, Japan and on the US Olympic Team in 2010 in Vancouver. She won the American Birkebeiner three times in 2011, 2013 and 2014 and the US Nationals four times but a top finish in the World Cup races has eluded her until now. She really hit the big time at the World Championships!

Caitlin is married to fellow cross-country skier Brian Gregg and both live in Minnepolis MN where they are active leaders of Boys and Girls club in the tough part of town. They are considered to be “the power couple of U.S. ski racing”. Brian has won many races in North America and participated in races at the Sochi Olympics on the US Ski Team. They have considered the benefits of Vector450 since February 2013 when we gave them the product at the 2013 Birkie. Brian asked his father to try it. His dad reported back that he never felt better and began ordering the product from our website. Brian and Caitlin then came on board and began to realize the benefits of adding Vector450 to their regime as their season improved. The duo began earning first and second place finishes on the North American ski race circuit. Caitlin has been so successful this season that the US Ski Team added her to their roster for the World Cup Championships in Falun, Sweden.

Though no stranger to the Nordic ski community, Caitlin has struggled with her overseas performance due to the stresses of travel and illness. After her historic performance the 34 year old Caitlin Gregg said, “Thanks to Vector450 for helping me comeback from a tough fall of health issues for the 2015 World Championship Bronze Medal”

Vector450 continues to gain momentum and build awareness of its remarkable ability to enhance both recovery times and overall performance of athletes by supplementing their overworked immune systems with its Muno-IgY based formula.

Congratulations to Caitlin and Brian Gregg as they continue to pursue their podium dreams!.



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