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Meet The Athletes

Meredith Kessler
Meredith KesslerProfessional Triathlete

Meredith Kessler, Professional Triathlete

Caitlin Gregg
Caitlin GreggCXC Cross Country Elite Skier, 2010 Olympian

Caitlin Gregg CXC Cross Country Elite Skier, 2010 Olympian

Richie Cunningham
Richie CunninghamProfessional Triathlete

Richie Cunningham, Professional Triathlete

I am a professional triathlete from the Gold Coast in Australia. I’ve been competing in triathlons for 14 years and currently live in Boulder, CO with my wife, 2 dogs and chickens. I compete in the 70.3 half IRONMAN, Olympic and IRONMAN distance triathlons. My career highlights include a first place finish in the Team Relay World Championships, two 3rd place and two 5th place finishes in the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, and winning the Rev3 Triathlon Series.

My first encounter with Vector450 came at IRONMAN 70.3 Austin this fall, where I met Trevor Dyck. I noticed some of the pro's listening to him talk about this new product, which he offered me to try.I trusted the guys who were on it,(Ben Hoffman) so I took a chance. It was tested by NSF, and I understood other pro's had been using it all season. I was in the middle of a bad (cold) and did not feel like racing. Trevor (he) said this product might give me a chance to feel better, but not to expect much since the race was the next morning. I immediately took 6 that day and 6 the next morning. I woke up feeling like the cloud had lifted, and my body was energized. The result was a close 2nd, behind Matt Charbot, who passed me on the run, and no soreness the day after the race. I went home and my symptoms never returned. After only taking 2 weeks off, I was training harder then ever, and decided to really give this product a try. Happy to be part of the story and look forward to seeing how IGY can help me stay recovered and healthy.
Jared Milam
Jared MilamProfessional Triathlete

Jared Milam, Professional Triathlete

I've been using Vector450 since Ironman Wisconsin 2013. As is usual for me, I was pretty skeptical. It's incredibly difficult to gauge improvements in recovery based off of anything. Performance in my daily training can fluctuate because of many factors: sleep, diet, workout intensity, stress, etc. Using a product to boost recovery is another factor to be unsure about. However, if you measure performance week in and week out, you can track changes using whatever that new product may be. So that's what I did using Vector450. My diet, sleep, and workout schedule remained mostly unchanged after I started taking it. Yet performance dramatically improved. The last few race results speak for themselves. I give credit to the fact that I was able to push harder during my cycling workouts as a result of having fresher legs each day of training. Not to mention being capable of holding my run mileage consistent despite the increase in cycling intensity. The day I became convinced was the day after Austin 70.3. I brutalized my body during that race. I pushed to the absolute limit. And the next day ... no soreness. None. I don't think I've ever not been sore the day after a half. The same experience can be said for the days after my long rides and long runs since taking Vector450. The other major draw I found was the boost in immune system. I actually found myself on the verge of getting sick about a week before Ironman Arizona. However, because I was taking Vector450 my sore throat only lasted about a day. It simply went away. The offseason is an extremely important time to build up on your training and getting sick can be such a buzzkill right at the beginning of the season. So I'm very excited to train all the way through the winter this year without getting a major flu or cold like I have the past four years.
Shannon Rempel
Shannon RempelCanadian Olympic Speed Skater

Shannon Rempel, Canadian Olympic Speedskater

"I need to be able to do quality training sessions every day, often twice a day, and taking Vector 450 has allowed me to recover better and quicker. I also feel good about taking a product that I can trust."
Rosanna Crawford
Rosanna CrawfordCanadian Olympic Biathlete

Rosanna Crawford, Canadian Olympic Biathlete

“I’ve been on Vector450 since last winter and throughout this summer. One thing I noticed is that I don’t get sick as often. If I feel like I might be getting sick then I up my daily intake of Vector450 and it disappears quickly! Not getting sick has helped me keep my training schedule on track and as a result, helped me prepare better and recover faster.”
Adam Bohach
Adam BohachProfessional Triathlete

Adam Bohach, Professional Triathlete

"I have chosen to make Vector450 one of the few supplements I take on a daily basis. The reason why I choose to supplement with IgY antibodies is the benefit it has on my immune system and in turn, my life-long health and athletic performance. In my personal experience with Vector450, I have noticed a stronger resistance to illness, improved stamina during competition and faster recovery. I also value the sustainable process used by IGY Life Sciences to produce Vector450. For me, this is a product that is easy to stand by."
Heather Kluch
Heather KluchAdventure Racer

Heather Kluch

I've been adventure racing since 2006. My life hasn't been easy, but with the confidence, compassion, athleticism, and great friends adventure racing has brought into my life, I've accomplished and overcome obstacles I once never thought I could. I want to help other people gain strength in both the body and the mind to help them lead healthier and happier lives, and hopefully get people addicted to the madness that I love!

I'm the only one that had tried it so far, but I'm trying to get my teammate to purchase a bottle. I swear these things are magic pills! I ALWAYS have problems with my legs taking forever to recover....The other day I went for a 10 mile trail run with my racing pack on my back with a 100 oz full water bladder. Normally this would take me out for a few days, I wouldn't be able to run again or ride, but I went for a 50 mile bike ride the next day, and even after that, my legs feel fine. They were a little tired like I expected, but no pain and nowhere near the exhaustion they would normally be. I've even done back to back runs, or two runs in a day, which I have never done. I'm only taking the recommended dose of two a day for now and that seems to be working. I'm sure I'll pack some during my next race to take while I'm racing
Jessica Jacobs
Jessica JacobsProfessional Triathlete

Jessica Jacobs, Professional Triathlete

This product works great. I train for ultra marathons. I run in the a.m. and swim and lift in the p.m. - I do this six days a week, without fail. I am hard on my mind but even harder on my body. With Vector450 my recovery time is cut down to hours not days. After a hard a.m. run, I am ready to go again by the afternoon. I can train harder for greater periods of time building up my body and mental strong. Bottom line, this works. If you’re looking to take yourself to the next level this is the product for you.
Ben Hoffman
Ben HoffmanProfessional Triathlete

Ben Hoffman, Professional Triathlete

As a professional triathlete racing IRONMAN distance events, the peace of mind that Vector 450 provides is priceless. Not only does it give me a slight bump in energy levels, but it protects me and keeps my immune system running strong through the big days of training and the fallout from long course racing. Additionally, it’s the simplicity and cleanliness of the all-natural product that makes it a safe and legal way to help me reach my potential. In the world of racing where every second counts, I rely on Vector 450 to give my body the upper hand in preparation for and recovery from the long days of training, traveling, and competing.
Bill Pierce
Bill PierceCXC Cross Country Skiing Elite Coach

Bill Pierce, CXC Cross Country Skiing Elite Coach

Rob Bagg
Rob BaggWide Receiver, Canadian Football League

Rob Bagg, Wide Receiver, Canadian Football League

"As you may or may not know I have had three years of battling with injury and am looking for alternatives that may help keep me on the field. Just wanted to quickly let you know I am really enjoying the [Vector450] product. I have felt energized and healthy! "
Eric Wolcott
Eric WolcottCXC Cross Country Elite Skier

Eric Wolcott, CXC Cross Country Elite Skier

Patrick Schuster
Patrick SchusterProfessional Triathlete

Patrick Schuster, Professional Triathlete

I'm a forty-one year old professional triathlete, full-time firefighter, husband, and father to two busy daughters. Quality training is key, as I simply don't have time for quantity or "junk miles." Vector450 with Muno-IGY has really helped with my recovery, giving me more energy for my next workout. The result is much higher quality training, and I couldn't be happier.
Morris Brossette
Morris BrossetteTriathlete, Multi-Sport Coach & Holistic Nutritionist

Morris Brossette, Triathlete, Multi-Sport Coach & Holistic Sports Nutritionist

Combating inflammation and improving recovery are my main focus with clients. Without proper recovery athletes are destined to fall into the black hole of under recovery that eventually leads to either injury, burnout, or both. Vector450 offers a unique approach to both mitigating inflammation and improving performance in a very short period of time. The addition of Vector450 to my personal training plan has shown impressive results thus far. I am able to push more watts on the bike for longer intervals and my recovery has been exceptionally fast. I also appreciate the fact that the IgY is derived from humanely raised hormone & antibiotic free hens. As a Holistic Nutritionist the quality and source of nutrients I choose for myself and my clients are of the utmost importance. Vector450 hits the mark.
Jackie Garth
Jackie GarthTriathlete

Jackie Fowler-Garth

I am an endurance athlete. I do marathons, half marathons, half IRONMAN and full IRONMAN. I train anywhere from 2-6 hours a day. I most always only take one day off to rest. I started taking Vector450, and within the first month (by months end) I noticed a change. I was feeling more energized, less sore and tight....I am not saying Vector450 has made me faster. I think that the recovery it gives my body and immune system has allowed me to train more often and with more intensity. That in turn has made me faster. Being faster, better, stronger, well recovered and even overall healthier, with more energy is a by-product of taking Vector450.
Christopher Sheehan
Christopher SheehanUltramarathoner

Christopher Sheehan, Ultramarathoner

This product works great. I train for ultra marathons. I run in the a.m. and swim and lift in the p.m. - I do this six days a week, without fail. I am hard on my mind but even harder on my body. With Vector450 my recovery time is cut down to hours not days. After a hard a.m. run, I am ready to go again by the afternoon. I can train harder for greater periods of time building up my body and mental strong. Bottom line, this works. If you’re looking to take yourself to the next level this is the product for you.
Jason Mittman
Jason MittmanUltramarathoner

Jason Mittman, Ultramarathoner

As a competitive athlete with multiple national titles in endurance events I was very skeptical about Vector450. I am pleased to say Vector 450 worked great! Not only did I finish my first 100 mile non-stop run, I did it in under 24 hours - a rare accomplishment in the world of distance racing. This race saw many people collapse from the heat of the day and the constant barrage of hill climbs along the difficult course. Not me. Amazingly my pace, endurance, and overall athleticism remained the same throughout the day and night. I took the Vector 450 for the week leading up to the race, during the entire race, and after the race. However, my surprise as to it’s effectiveness came after I ran out, 2 days after the race. My body quickly started aching, and fatigue set in. It was not until after I started back on Vector 450 4 days later, did I realize the positive effective it had. I now never miss a day! It made a huge difference. Thank you!