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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Vector450 with Muno IgY™?

Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is manufactured and distributed by IGY Immune Technologies and Life Sciences Inc. The company is headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. The Company meets or exceeds the highest manufacturing standards established by Good Manufacturing Practices and Health Canada. To learn more about IgY please visit

When can I expect to start feeling the effects from using Vector450 with Muno IgY™?

Some users report seeing results within 1 to 2 weeks of starting and for others much sooner. Each individual is different and results may be dependent on the state of their immune system. In order to get the most from the product Vector450 with Muno IgY™ on a consistent basis, adjusting your intake according to your exercise regime. Keep in mind, Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is designed to be part of your daily routine, not a 3 day fix.

What other supplements can I use while taking Vector450 with Muno-IgY™?

Vector450 with Muno IgY™ has not been known to interfere with other supplements.

Is it possible to overuse Vector450 with Muno-IgY™?

Mega-dosing on Vector450 with Muno IgY™ will result in the body not absorbing the excess product. Every person has a level that they will feel is optimal for them and will achieve this knowledge over time.

The appropriate dose of Vector450 with Muno IgY™ depends on several factors such as your age, health, and several other conditions. Two (2) per day for average use, 4-6 per day for training, games or if you are feeling run down.

  • Training Mode – while preparing for an event, casual training athletes can benefit from 2-3 capsules per day. For heavy training days up to 4-6 per day for highly active, extreme workouts
  • Game Day – take 3 in the morning and 3 prior to the event. If you are under extreme stress or have entered an event with a compromised immune system, those levels can be increased to 4 in the morning and 4 prior to the event
  • Post Event – to alleviate muscle fatigue, take 3-4 per day for the first 48 hours. Then switch to 2-3 per day. This will be even more critical when travelling or having disruptive sleep schedules

Never stop using Vector450 with Muno IgY™, even on days when you are not training. Your immune system works 24/7 and will be at its optimum level while maintaining higher levels of immunoglobulin within your system. Vector450 with Muno IgY™ is best taken early in the morning and midday. Some users report increased energy, and may interfere with sleep.

Helpful Hint: If you prefer, you can pull the capsules apart and combine the Vector450 ingredients into your morning smoothie, yogurt or recovery drink, shake or blend as needed.

Can I expect to feel any side effects?

There are no known toxic or harmful side effects and so far no such indications have been observed. If you are allergic to chicken eggs and are concerned, it’s best to stay on the safe side and avoid use or use under the direction of your physician. Do not expect to feel a caffeine-like effect while using Vector450 with Muno IgY™.

How safe is Vector450 with Muno-IgY™?

Safety is our first prerogative. The eggs yolks used in our process are pasteurized as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) requires all egg products to be pasteurized in Canada. As well, every batch of IgY we produce is independently tested for Salmonella and e.coli. Our patented process removes all but the IgY protein and a small amount of naturally occurring iron. We blend this with food-grade flow agents to aid in the encapsulation process and stabilize the final product.

How is Muno IgY™ different from other immune and recovery supplements?

Unlike other products that boost or strengthen existing immune function, Muno-IgY is the ONLY product that contains beneficial antibodies that directly support immune health.

What is Muno-IgY™?

The IgY in Muno-IgY is a protein found in egg yolks. IgY belong to a class of proteins called immunoglobulins (Ig). Immunoglobulins are responsible for inherent immunity to protect against specific viruses, bacteria and pathogens. The Y in IgY stands for yolk. IgY in hens is similar to IgG in mammals like us (G stands for gamma). IgY closely resembles our own IgG, but has some key differences that allow it to be complementary to our immune system.

Muno-IgY™ is manufactured by IgY Immune Technologies and Life Science’s using a safe patented extraction process that separates and purifies IgY proteins from the egg yolk.

Why Should I take Vector450 with Muno-IgY?

High endurance athletes suffer from suppressed immune systems most notably at times of peak performance. Vector450 contains Muno-IgY™, an egg yolk-based IgY protein which has been closely studied and documented for maintaining a strong immune system. Having an optimal immune system can lead to improved stamina along with increased anaerobic power and decreased sub-maximal heart rate, shorter exercise recovery times and faster muscle repair while supporting the body’s natural process of inflammatory balance.

For more information, contact or call 1.888.301.5437.